Stoyanov, T. – H. Popov : The Thracian warrior from Ruets

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"Stoyanov, T. – H. Popov : The Thracian warrior from Ruets"

T. Stoyanov – H. Popov,
The Thracian warrior from Ruets
Тракийският воин от Руец

(National Archaeological Museum. Catalogues. Volume 28)

Sofia 2023

ISBN 978-619-254-016-6

76 S./pp., zahlr. Farbabb./num. colour figs., 25 x 22 cm; broschiert/softcover

zweisprachig englisch - bulgarisch
bilingual english - bulgarian


In January 1925, near the modern village of Ruets (Northeastern Bulgaria), treasure hunters excavated the Mal-yuk mound and discovered a momumental tomb. It is the earliest dated tomb from the second half of the 5th century BC and it testifies to the formation of a local dynastic centre in this part of Northeast Thrace.
A total of 30 artifacts were found in it. They could be functionally distinguished as follows:
I. Armor: 1. Chalcidian type bronze helmet. 2. Bronze cuirass with a mitra.
II. Offensive weapons: 3. Iron sword akinakes. 4-5. Two iron spearheads. 6-16. Eleven bronze arrowheads.
III. Horse harness: 17. Iron bridle. 18. Silver buckle. 19. Bronze buckle.
IV. Banquet vessels: 20. Bronze amphora. 21. Bronze stainer. 22. Bronze situla. 23. Bronze lekane. 24-26. Three bronze objects belonging to a bronze crater.
V. Ceramic vessels: 27. Red-figure hydria.
VI. Oilment objects: 28. Glass aryballos.
VII. Bone objects: 29. Cyllindrical objects with incised decoration. 30. Objects with elliptical cross-section and incised decoration.

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