Stamberova, Miglena : The Fibulae in Ancient Thrace (5th - 1st century BC)

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"Stamberova, Miglena : The Fibulae in Ancient Thrace (5th - 1st century BC)"

Miglena Stamberova,
The Fibulae in Ancient Thrace (5th - 1st century BC) (Dissertationes, volume 16) /
Фибулите в Древна Тракия (V - I в. пр. Хр.) (Дисертации, Том 16)

Sofia 2023

ISBN 978-619-254-348-0

552 S./pp., zahlr. S/W-Abb./num. b/w-figs., 29,7 x 21 cm; kartoniert/hardcover

bulgarisch mit ausführlicher Zusammenfassung in englisch
bulgarian with extended summary in english

Fibulae were one of the most widespread metal objects in Ancient Thrace, served as accessories for fastening garments, seamlessly combining utilitarian and decorative functions. This dual role rendered them reliable chronological markers. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of all types of fibulae from the 5th to the 1st century BC, examining their origin, evolution, chronology, distribution, production, and use. The study includes more than 650 fibulae, with 623 of them featured in the catalogue. The first two chapters are devoted to the most common fibulae in Thrace, the so-called Thracian type fibulae and the fibulae with a bilateral spring, recognized in literature as La Tène fibulae. The third chapter of the book is devoted to the hybrid fibulae, which combine the construction of the Thracian type with some La Tène elements. The fourth category comprises the hinged fibulae which are organized based on systematization for the specimens from the Central Balkans. The last group includes various and diverse fibulae that cannot be assigned to any of the previous categories. The catalogue is thematically arranged and is placed immediately after the text for each typological unit. 29 graphic and nine colour plates covering all categories of fibulae, along with ten colour maps and a detailed English summary are included. At the end of the book, there are three appendices with the results of the interdisciplinary studies: metallographic analysis, ICP-AES analysis, and X-ray fluorescence analysis.

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