Shipping and Payment

Prices, Shipping Costs, Payment, Payment Due Date

(1) The prices indicated include the statutory sales tax and other price components. The shipping costs are indicated during the course of the order at the second verification of the order (above, point e); in addition, during this step the sales tax is indicated.

(2) The customer has the possibility to pay using prepayment, PayPal, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card).

(3) If the customer has opted to pay using prepayment, he/she receives a pro forma invoice from us after receipt of the order, and pledges to pay the purchase price upon receipt of the pro forma invoice. Shipping occurs after payment is received.


(1) Unless we have specifically indicated otherwise in the product description, all articles offered by us are immediately ready for dispatch. In the case of any delivery delays, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. Shipping occurs within three business days, whereby the period of time for the delivery, in the case of prepaid items, begins on the day after the payment order to the bank commissioned to transfer the funds, and with all other payment options, on the day after the completion of the contract. If the final delivery date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or other legal holiday at the delivery address, the deadline for delivery falls on the next business day.

(2) Using our best judgement, we choose the transporter, but we cannot guarantee the choice of the fastest and cheapest shipment.

(3) The actual delivery time cannot be guaranteed due to possible circumstances beyond our control, for example issues related to higher authorities, unforeseen operational disruptions, administrative procedures, delays in transport and customs clearance, work-related conflicts etc.

(4) E-Books are generally protected by copyright. In so far as you purchase E-Books, we do not convey to you in this regard proprietorship, but a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use (“usufructuary permission”). This right of use only entitles you as a customer to download the E-Book and to save it for your own private use.

(5) The risk of accidental ruin and accidental deterioration of the purchased object, also with sale by dispatch, also passes over to the purchaser first when the object is handed over to the purchaser.

Reservation of ownership

We reserve the right of ownership of the wares until the purchase price has been fully paid.